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The History Of Adult Sex Toys


Groupfun.com looked at the history of adult sex toys and has brought the information to you. This will give you a good picture of how things were in the past in comparison to the current times. Most people use sex toys for private pleasure, secret passion, and masturbation and to improve their sex lives. There are others who use it to compensate for not having a sex life. And that is why, these days, you will find a lot of bondage and fetish sex toys being used across races, gender and class. In the past, sex toys were repressed in society because not many people embraced the idea that it served its purpose. Many thought of it as being smutty and weird. However, in the Victorian era, the modern fetish and bondage culture was imitated by women wearing corsets and leather boots while men secretly used leather restraints and horse whips to bring another dimension to their sex lives. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, American and European women were shunned, if they expressed any form of sexual desire. Once a man ejaculated inside of a woman, society trained women to accept this as enough and as normal. Female orgasms were not as important as the male orgasmic feelings. There were so many women disappointed with the fact that the single act of having a man penetrate the genitals was no reassurance for an orgasm. Instead of depending on a man to make her cum, women would go to their midwives to get frequent vaginal massages. Before too long, nurses and doctors began to become fatigued by the onslaught of women who needed this service and for that reason, they sought assistance from newly invented products that were made to be used in the doctor's office and outside the doctor's office by women. It took some years later for the first type of vibrators to be patented for the commercial market. This occurred in the twentieth century and it did so well that it remained on the market and became a well-needed solution for women.

Do you wonder about how and why specific sex toys were initially manufactured? Well, you are about to find out! Below are details on the history of possibly your favorite >u>sex toy.


In 350 B.C., lubricants become evident in Ancient Greece. At that time, the latex condom was not a part of the commercial market and so most people used olive oil as a lube, especially on leather dildos. During those times, silicone was not used to make sex toys. Leather was the primary material and for that reason, it would dry out, if not lubricated. In the Chinese culture during the 1600s, vegetable oil was used as s lubricant on condoms made with animal intestines. This would be similar how the current Trojan condoms are processed. The Japanese culture during the 17 century made a slippery lubricant using mashed yams. It was known as "Tororo-Jiru." It became one of the most popular lube for Japanese while masturbating or having sex. In the early part of the 1900s, the first manufactured lube sold on the commercial market was known as "KY Jelly." It was a surgical lubricant that became so popular that inventors made a non-sterile imitation of it within the same era. After more than a hundred years, this same lubricant is still on the market today. Soon after, an overabundance of specialty lubes came on the market in the twentieth and twenty first centuries. Even lubes for ass fucking became a commodity and huge success.


If you know a little bit about history, you should be aware of the fact that Chinese are excellent innovators and so, they have shown their creativity and talent by making the first dildos for female masturbation. In the past, rich Chinese men would marry too many wives and so sexually, it was hard for them to engage all of the wives at one time. And so substituting the men's penis with a dildo was the only way to solve the problem. In so doing, the men would keep their wives from cheating on them or choosing to become lesbians. Due to lack of technology at that time, the Chinese inventors improvised, making dildos from metal and bronze. In Persia and India men loved to have women who were virgins. As a matter of fact, it was well sought after. According to the culture, the blood from the virgin's hymen was considered unclean and so the holy man of India would break the hymen using a big stone dildo. This was generally done on the wedding night and in the town's center as a celebration or confirmation of the bride's virginity. For decades, dildos were used in many different cultures. However, there are some cultures that did not use dildos, but preferred to use natural things like green banana, green plantains or gourds. Like all things during the Renaissance period, dildos were made from inspiration, appreciation and from artistic intentions.

As the twentieth century came around, advanced technology called for new materials to be used to make dildos and so rubber was considered initially. However, when electricity came about, it was time to revise the material so as to ensure that it was durable when being used with electricity. Today, dildos come in different features and variations; some you have to plug in and others you use with batteries.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are also known as penis rings and were first known about in the Ancient Chinese culture. At that time, the Chinese (as they always do) knew how to improvise and so used the eyelid of the goat to emulate a cock ring. The goat's eyelashes were also incorporated as a way to enhance the woman's pleasure. Fortunately for the goats, this custom did not last very long because the Chinese started to use materials like sinew and leather strap. Soon after, pleasure nubs or small bumps became replacements for the goat's eyelashes and instead worked as clit stimulators. There were multiple Chinese Emperors that called from cock rings to be made out of jade or ivory, which are costly materials, designs and impressive packaging. During the Industrial age, rulers in the Middle East and Europe wanted to put more shine in their cock rings and so they used silver or gold rather than ivory or jade. As the industrial revolution came about in the early 1800s, there was a mass production of cock rings, most of which were made from rubber. The kind of rubber used at that time was stiff and thick and so in the 1930s, latex rubber provided a more flexible option.

At Groupfun.com, we have put together a list of cock rings and other sex toys of all shapes, sizes, materials and designs; some of which are made from nylon, metal, leather, latex rubber, plastic and silicone.

Strap-Ons & Penis Extenders

In the past (decades ago), it is said that men would put heavy objects on their penises to lengthen and stretch them. Of course, you know the process would be quite painful and that is why it is not practiced today. The heavy object did not work in the past and it sure enough would not work today and that is why there are things like penis extenders and strap-on harnesses. There was no advanced technology in the past and that is why men had to resort to those heavy objects. Today, technology has afforded inventors to make penis extenders that have proven to enlarge, stretch and lengthen the penis.

These days, penis extenders and strap-on harnesses have multiple combinations as it relates to the design and material, which have been both maximized to get the most satisfaction and pleasure for men and women.


Gabriele Falloppio was an inventor during the early part of the 1500s and he created a linen sheath, which was chemically tested to cover the penis glands. The test was done on over a thousand men and it was found to work because none of these men had any type of syphilis bacteria, which was going around at that time and proved to be deadly. As time went on, animal intestines became the material of choice used to make condoms. This was during the 1600s when the birth was too high and the focus was on preventing unwanted pregnancies and also protecting against STDs. However, it was during this era that the theologians in the Catholic Church began to consider condoms as being an immoral statement of infidelity and having sex with more than one partner. It was the same time that the Japanese were introduced to leather made condoms. Before being introduced to this kind of condom, the Japanese were using fish bladders, oiled paper and tortoise shell covering the top fo the penis while having sex.

Linen condoms came about in the 1700s and gained in popularity and then in the 1920s, latex rubber condoms became a huge invention. The first latex condom was made in Ohio in 1930, reducing the cost of the former ones, which were time consuming to make since it was individually dipped into the solution by hand during the early 1900s. It is clear that even today, condoms are an integral part of every fabric of society since it is so indispensable due to its ability to add caution to sexual intercourse.


Last, but not least, vibrators were invented nearly two centuries ago, not because doctors were thinking about the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that women wanted. The doctor's interest was in a device that would ease their hands from the massage job that they had to be doing for women who suffered from a thing called 'hysteria' during the nineteenth century. There were thousands of women who were experiencing sexual frustration and had to visit a doctor for help. This was the start of something miraculous as it related to the women who were previously thought to have no sex drive and were only considered mothers of children and wives of husband, but not equal partners with equal sexual needs. As the twentieth century came around, things changed. Today, there are multiple vibrator models; some battery operated and others electricity operated. They come in various colors, sizes and shapes. Nowadays, you can travel with a vibrator and no one knows.

The Positive Impact Of Adults Sex Toys

There are a lot of positive things about adult sex toys. The benefits are great, whether you are in a relationship or single. There is a wide range of sex toys that you can take advantage of and most of them give you the pleasure and satisfaction that you desire and deserve.


More enjoyable sex: If you want to enjoy more pleasurable sex, then you will love to use adult sex toys.This is one of the primary reasons why people do purchase and use them. There are times when real sex is not enough for some people and for that reason, they choose sex toys to complement and improve their sex lives.

Improve sex life: Sex toys can be used to improve your sexual performance. These sex toys allows you to practice in the comfort of your own home so that when you do come in contact with a partner or hook up with someone, you can show off what the sex toys have taught you. Some sex toys allow men and women to improve their libido and sexual stamina.

Enhance relationships: Sex toys will enhance your relationship, especially if you and your partner are looking for new ways to handle your sex life so that it is not boring. Adult sex toys will bring the spark back into your relationship, creating more intimacy during sex.

Alleviates stress: Everyone knows that sex can reduce stress and so when you add sex toys into the mix, it only gets better. Yes, adult sex toys do contribute to mental health improvement.

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Adult Sex Toys Statistics

If you are still craving for more information, we have also included some statistics regarding adult sex toys around the world.

It is evident that there is a large market for sex toys. In fact, there are billions of dollars being made in the sex toy industry. In the United States alone, people spend thousands of dollars on sex toys, particularly folks living in New England. Five out of the six states that exist in this region show a surge of buyers of sex toys with the state of Vermont being at the top. In Britain, more people purchase anal sex toys than people in Australia, America and Germany. The British people purchase more bondage equipment as well; about 20% of them going first to the BDSM category when shopping online.

The Australians that live in major cities usually spend six times more on adult sex toys than the people who live in the rural areas. It could be that they have younger people and working people living in the major cities. In addition, it could be that people living in the major cities tend to do more shopping online than rural folks. Many Australian shoppers buy enema kits and douches; twice more than people in Germany do. Folks in Germany are more likely to buy nipple toys than those in Britain. Americans are more likely to buy a vibrator or dildo than consumers living in Germany, Australia and the UK.

If you're looking for stores online that sell top sex toys around the world, we have compiled a list for you at Groupfun.com. You will be pleased with it.

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If you're looking for stores online that sell top sex toys around the world, we have compiled a list for you at Groupfun.com. You will be pleased with it.

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