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Why Are We Utterly Obsessed With The World Of Celebrity Porn


It will come as no great surprise at all that society has always had some form of adoration for celebrities and celebrity culture since they made their first appearance so very long ago! Who could have ever imagined back then that their reign of power would outlive the empires that gave birth to this bizarre phenomena? Perhaps it is because society finds inspiration in these larger than life beings and they are able to not only entertain us but inspire the average person and show them that dreams can truly become a reality if you try hard enough! Is this how we as a culture really came to be obsessed with these god-like figures in our communities or is their more to it? Because there is a much more voyeuristic element to this fascination with celeb culture and we see that played out in the collective interest in the world of celebrity sex tapes. What relevance do they play in society? It is believed that 4/5 people have or would look at leaked photos or videos of a celeb they adore, even though the star would rather that was not the case. Where does that more taboo element of voyeurism enter into this odd equation and a sense of entitlement to this very private thing that we as a society as quietly craving? To answer these questions, let us first take a look back at the origins of "celebrity culture" and work our way into this modern day obsession!

In The Beginning

Would you be surprised to know that the original celebs were not the elite of their times but rather the actual Greek gods! Now, the people had a much different relationship with this heavenly celebrities. Sure they could pick and choose their favorites, but ultimately they could not just dismiss the gods they did not favor because in their minds, each god had an important role to play and these elements indeed had an impact on the average person at the time. In a bizarre reversal of fortune, this one of the rare times in history where the commoners had to pleases the "celebrities", as opposed to the current climate it is the work description of a celebrity to bend over backward to please the fans. Interesting how that dynamic has shift so much, perhaps our love for seeing celebrities being embarrassed stems from an ingrained sense of defiance towards the original celebs who demanded so much of our ancients, who would not be a tad excited to see the scale balance from once!

Now since the people of ancient times truly believed the gods had all the power over them, they felt it necessary to fill in the details of these mighty beings because their titles and names alone were not enough. They decided to give these deities backstories that make modern day soap operas appear tame in comparison. These stories grew into the very definition of an epic tale, full of enough blood and lust that they still give the modern day sex tape a run for its money! Each god would end up receiving its own personality traits and a kick-ass origin story, not unlike our modern day superheroes!

One element that is consistent in modern and ancient tales of celebrities is a passion for scandal! This stuff is spicier than any of the lame articles you will find on TMZ, it was the brutalist of the brutal! If the gods had their own reality show, there is no doubt that Zeus would be the main attraction, his sex exploits spared no one, he had them all, which lead to him siring legions of children from the thousands of women he bedded and on top of that all he was a merciless killing machine. One can only imagine what a leaked celebrity sex tape like that could possibly look like but we all know it would have the power to literally BREAK THE INTERNET!

Time To Get Back Down To Earth

Even though people continued to worship those ancient gods with intense devotion the common people slowly a newer, much more mortal celeb to crush on and they came in the form of the wildly fierce Roman Gladiators, who were nothing like silly and flamboyant American Gladiators that we all grew up with! These the first Olympians and true warriors who were not afraid to fight until the bloody end. They were like monster breed just to dominate in the arena in the most blood forms of combat imaginable and the people could not get enough of this living legends to the point where the rich would pay for nights of unbridled passion with them!

Then came the Dark Ages, where the athletes were pushed aside to usher in the old traditions of religious figures holding all the celebrity status and the people were just as pleased as ever. The people of the time were mostly illiterate and uneducated which led to them being a tad bit more gullible than modern people. These people would have mistaken the internet for witchcraft, so you can not blame them for becoming swept up in these wild tales religious figures that were totally loaded with hyperbole and full of fantasy. This outlandish stories gave way to the untold famous and glory that holy men of the time carried, so it is safe to say that if there had been celebrity sex tapes back then, we can be sure that the commoners would have lost their minds for it and ordered it by the dozens!

Let There Be Technology!

It would not be until the Renaissance period that the people who were gifted artists that had unparalleled talents in their fields would become the real superstars of their wild and lustful time period. For the first time in history, the world was able to publish the works of these talented visionaries and spread the word of their amazing talents! gone was the primitive ways and in where the modern ways that would plant the seeds of celeb culture as we know it. Then came the advent of the newspaper industries which spread words and images of these geniuses like wildfire and the people of the time totally ate it up!

Light, Camera and Action

Once we find ourselves firmly in the 1900s the world of radio, film, and television come into full swing, changing the nature of the business forever and create the celebrity culture that we have all grown up with! This was a new experience because it meant that basically, anyone with talent had a chance. Well, now they could all be seen by anyone and everyone all across the globe which created an intoxicating atmosphere that inspired people not to settle for what was immediately around but instead realize that they could mean something to the whole world! For once is the of man, the common man could be elevated to a god-like status for all to behold. In many instances, this was called the American Dream but it is evident today that this phenomena has spread like wildfire across the world and captured the hearts of nations!

But it was until the internet crashed on to the scene that the true obsession really took root. Before then, fans had always been forced to watch from the sidelines but those days are dead. Now you can always know what your favorite celebrity is up and they are literally begging for you to follow them! This is an age where a sex tape can actually make you a someone, it can be your catapult into the world of famous which is a dream come true for any ambitious social climber!

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